At the Institute of Cell Biology, we are teaching and organizing courses that are part of the Bachelor (https://www.i-med.ac.at/studium/molmed/index.html) and Master Programmes (https://www.i-med.ac.at/studium/molmed/index.html) in Molecular Medicine and Human Medicine  (https://www.i-med.ac.at/studium/humanmedizin.html) at the Medical University of Innsbruck. Furthermore, we are associated with the Master Programme in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology (University of Innsbruck).

Many lectures can be found on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-aZQ0CtFBw0t659BYlZMA/playlists).

In addition, we provide an exciting research environment to train and mentor PhD students and PostDocs. Our PhD students enroll in the Molecular Cell Biology of Diseases Programme (https://biomed-phd.i-med.ac.at/molecular-and-cellular-biology-of-diseases/) and we coordinate the doc.funds PhD Programme Cellular Basis of Diseases (https://phd-cbdiseases.i-med.ac.at/).