FWF P36187-B (to Oliver Schmidt) – “Individual functions of Orm/ORMDL family proteins in membrane homeostasis”

FWF  P 32608 (to Lukas Huber)  – “Struktur-Funktions Untersuchungen am BORC”

DOC 82 doc.funds (to Lukas Huber) – “Cellular Basis of Diseases: Molecular Control of Metabolism and Inflammation”

How lysosomes affect cell proteostasis and cell growth
FG-Research Group (Coordinator Teis)
PIs: Huber, Araujo
Start 2023
INTERREG ITAT1050 – P-Care, A technology platform to overcome resistance to cancer therapies
European Union, the European Regional Development Fund


AFR PhD Fellowhip: Yannick Weyer – Supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR): 13571826

ÖAW DOC PhD Fellowship: Jennifer Kahlhofer